Weitech Solar Lantern Inzzzector

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Pest control Inzzzector. Kills flies, mosquitoes, moths … The Solar Lantern ‘Inzzzector’ is a multi-functional solar-powered lantern produced by WEITECH.

It features decorative white LEDs for illumination and UV LEDs that attract flying insects, which are then electrocuted onto the grid, and the lantern emits low-power light through the LEDs. The UV LEDs emit special ultraviolet radiation to attract nocturnal insects, especially mosquitoes.

The Solar Lantern Inzzzector works after a day of charging in the sun for a minimum of 6 hours in the UV-LED mode and a maximum of 20 hours in the regular LED mode.

There is a 600-volt high-voltage network around the LED lamps. The mosquitoes are killed when they approach the light.

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