Weitech Inzzzector 2 LED UV Technology

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With the Inzzzector 2 mosquito lamp from Weitech you no longer give mosquitoes and other flying insects a chance to escape! Dimensions: 12 x 7.5 x 13 cm Very effective The Inzzzector 2 uses no less than 6 UV LED lamps to attract the mosquitoes. Once within range, the mosquitoes are sucked in by the fan and electrocuted. At the bottom is a receptacle that can be easily emptied. We recommend using the Inzzzector 2 in the dark. Then the attraction of the UV LED lamps is most effective. Safe and environmentally friendly The Inzzzector 2 is safe for children thanks to the grille in front of the fan. The Inzzzector 2 also stops immediately when it is opened.Furthermore, the mosquito lamp is environmentally friendly because no poison and chemical products are used. The Inzzzector 2 mosquito lamp works on mains power. Brand Weitech In summary Irresistible attraction and effective killing. Safe to use. Environmentally friendly.

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