Metalen muizenval Multicatch – Pest-Stop

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Would you rather not use poison or blow traps? Then this humane animal-friendly mouse trap is exactly what you need. The mouse can enter it via 2 entrances and presses a rocker panel down due to the weight, after which the mouse enters the trap. The panel goes up again so that the mouse can no longer be removed.

This metal mouse trap is made of high quality corrosion resistant galvanized steel. The trap is designed to catch up to 10 mice.

How does it work?

Place a lure in the trap. You can use Provoke lure for mice, but also peanut butter, chocolate, cake or biscuit. You can test for yourself what works best.
Place the trap along a wall in the route that mice walk. Mice instinctively walk close to walls.
Check daily for mice in the trap and release them as far from your house as possible (at least one kilometer but preferably more ..)

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