COMPO K.O. Crawling Insect Spray 400ML

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COMPO KO Spray Creeping Insects & Wasps is a ready-to-use spray for the control of crawling insects (eg cockroaches and fleas) and wasps in (living) areas. The agent can be applied in cracks, seams and other places where the insects are hiding. The agent remains effective for 4 to 6 weeks after spraying. So do not clean the treated areas during a cleaning.


  • Do not apply in places where food is prepared
  • Against crawling insects, point / hold the tube of the nozzle at the areas to be treated and spray until the areas are visibly moist. All shelters cover behind and under cabinets, refrigerators, radiators and equipment.
  • Against wasps, the nest entrances, usually located at the bottom of the nest, and the interior of the nest should be sprayed for a long time using the supplied spray lance. Preferably do this in the evening when the wasps are in the nest and the chance of being stung by flying wasps is as small as possible.

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