ByTrap Rat Glue 150ml.

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Bytrap rat glue, mouse glue, is made from non-toxic, environmentally friendly and odorless ingredients. The adhesive is not flammable and safe to use in areas where poison is not allowed, for example around the kitchen.


Use of the product:


The adhesive should be applied to a substrate such as wood, nylon or plastic, a non-absorbent substrate will give the best result. The amount of glue can best be adjusted to the size of the pest. The product comes into its own when a bait is used. The glue can be used well on the trunk of a tree to protect it against unwanted pests. Remnants of the adhesive can be easily removed with benzene or suitable solvents.


  • Keep out of use of children and pets
  • Do not swallow, avoid contact with skin, eyes and mucous membranes

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